Mission and Vision.
School´s Handbook


Colegio Americano de El Salvador

Dear visitors it is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity of managing this school and to be able to be part of creating and forming each student in our school.

All the staff at Colegio Americano de El Salvador considers that education is a complete process formed by academics and personal development. Academic results are just as important as the learning of principles, values and abilities, among others; this is our priority.

We motivate our students to advance and conclude their academic education, to make a committment to work in a society that requires active participation, and to face any challenges bravely.

We are convinced that school is a place of formative process in which classwork, homework, sports' practice, extracurricular activities make what school is. We are proud to see our students achieve their goals year after year to continue their personal and academic development once they end their school life.

We expect you to get a positive image of what our school is, through this web page. We would love to attend you personally to show you in detail what we are saying.

Miss Reina Diaz


1. Estimados Padres: La matricula ordinaria se ha extendido hasta el 8 de julio.
Después de esta fecha tiene un recargo adicional del 10%.

2. Revisen sus correos electrónicos para ver el nuevo modelo de zapatos
para este año, antes de incurrir en gastos.

3. La primera Asamblea General de Padres está programada para el 14
de agosto a las 4:00 PM. (es importante la presencia de todos los padres)

  • Especificación de los Zapatos Año Escolar 2014-2015



    June, 2014
    Pre-School Graduation and Closing Ceremony Begin 8:30A.M.


    June, 2014
    Begin 1 end 30. Year 2014-2015 enrollment.


    June, 2014
    Begin 24 end 24 July uniform sale 10% discount.


    July, 2014
    Begin 16 end August 1 Books Sale


    August, 2014
    Parents General Assembly


    August, 2014
    First Day of Class from 7:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.